Railroad Corporation Wiki

Railroads connect the cities together and are the arteries of your company. You are responsible for laying your own train tracks, erecting bridges, digging tunnels, and setting up stations. As such, railroads can be the most expensive part of your infrastructure, at least as far as initial investments are concerned.

Overview[ | ]

  • The cost of laying track is affected by the following factors:
    • Raw length of the track and the number of segments, which affects the amount of rails needed.
    • Terrain, which requires soil excavation to allow for safe passage.
    • Bodies of water or other obstacles that require bridges.
    • Natural features that require tunneling through.
    • Stations that will be erected at cities or local industrial locations that can provide goods.
  • The total cost can run up quite high, but can be moderated with the right education, employees, and working for the right companies from the start. In general, global modifiers can be the most useful, depending on the map bridging and tunneling can be straight-up useless.