Railroad Corporation Wiki

Companies are chosen at the beginning of the game and each offers a special benefit. You cannot change the company in the course of the storyline.

List[ | ]

Boss Portraits 3
Pickett Railroads (Benjamin Pickett)
+$10 000 at mission start

The increased initial funding is welcome and can be used for general expenses. It is, however, the least valuable in raw dollar terms.

Boss Portraits 10
Cain Eastern Railway (Alfred Cain)
+1 locomotive at mission start

A good initial bonus, allowing you to instantly start running connections. In raw dollar terms, it's the middle bonus, since even the cheapest locomotive costs a flat $14 000 dollars. Choosing this company will instantly free up funds for investments in the company office, however.

Boss Portraits 13
Harrington's Railroad (Alvin Harrington)
-10% railroad laying costs

The most beneficial long-term bonus that reduces all track laying by a flat amount. As soon as you lay $150 000 worth of tracks, it gives the most monetary value.