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The five stages of growth
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What would be a railroad without places to connect? Cities are the other side of the coin and your primary goal is to connect them, providing commodities and services, help them grow, then squeeze them out like wet sponges full of currency.

Overview[ | ]

Cities have five distinct levels of development, each of which requires various commodities. Once the commodities are available, the city will start growing and developing, with new industries sprouting up, generating demand for new goods and providing their own. Cities at all stages will issue open contracts for railway companies to complete, which can be a major source of revenue.

However, once cities reach certain sizes, they will start asserting themselves and attempt to pass various legislation - usually taxes - to generate revenue for public projects and encourage changes in railway behaviour. As a potent company, you will be able to exercise pressure through lobbying and manipulate laws so that they benefit you... Or harm your enemies.

Details[ | ]

Size Min Population Changes Demands Supply
1 0 2 Land(Multiplayer), 1 Land(Missions)
2 1000 +Grain(60s/+30), Wood(80s/+20) GrainWood
3 1500 +Coal(140s/+35) GrainCoalWood
4 2000 +5Passengers(10s/+30) GrainCoalWoodPassengers Passengers(5/40s)
5 3000 +Meat(145s/+55), +2Passengers(10s/+30) GrainCoalWoodMeat Passengers(7/37s)
6 5000 +Textile(200s/+65), +1Land, +3Passengers, +5Mail GrainWoodCoalMeatTextile Passengers(10/35s), Mail(5/60s)
7 6000 -Grain WoodCoalMeatTextile Passengers(10/35s), Mail(5/55s)
8 7000 +Lumber(240s/+110), +2Passengers(10s/+30) WoodCoalMeatTextileLumber Passengers(12/33s), Mail(5/55s)
9 8000 -Wood CoalMeatTextileLumber Passengers(12/33s), Mail(5/50s)
10 10000 +Kerosene(100s/+85), +1Land, + 12Mail, +3Passengers CoalMeatTextileLumberKerosene Passengers(15/30s), Mail(12/45s)
11 11000 -Coal MeatTextileLumberKerosene Passengers(15), Mail(12)
12 12000 +Paper, +3 Passengers MeatTextileLumberKerosenePaper Passengers(18/27s), Mail(12/45s)
13 15000 +Clothes(180s/+165), +2 Passengers, +3 Mail MeatTextileLumberKerosenePaperClothes Passengers(20/25s), Mail(15/40s)
14 16000 -Textile MeatLumberKerosenePaperClothes Passengers(20/25s), Mail(15/40s)
15 17000 +Whiskey(200s), +5 Passengers MeatLumberKerosenePaperClothesWhiskey Passengers(25), Mail(15)
16 20000 +Books(150s/+130), -Paper, -Lumber MeatKeroseneClothesWhiskeyBooks Passengers(30/20s), Mail(18/35s)
17 23000 +Tools(240s/+225) MeatKeroseneClothesWhiskeyBooksTools Passengers(30), Mail(18)
18 25000 +1 LandFurniture(300s/+190) MeatKeroseneClothesWhiskeyBooksToolsFurniture Passengers(35/17s), Mail(20/30s)
19 30000 +Weapons(300s) MeatKeroseneClothesWhiskeyBooksToolsFurnitureWeapons Passengers(40/15s), Mail(25/25s)